Mission & Vision Statement


The above map is our definition of Asia. There are 249 countries in the world and these 24 represent 50+% of the world’s population. Asia is a vital key to the Circular Economy being a viable solution to global sustainability.

Our aim is to develop the Circular Economy throughout the Asia Pacific region, through the three core principles of (1) Waste as a Resource (2) Circular Business Models; and (3) Circular Design Principles.

Yet we cannot indulge ourselves by asking millions of people across Asia and the Pacific to believe and actively engage in the development of the Circular Economy as an alternative narrative and solution to environmental degradation if we cannot connect with and address the issues they are faced with each day.

About the Founder


Originally from Australia, Ms Adrienna Zsakay first visited Asia when she was 18 for a holiday to Bali. That four week trip changed her life forever, resulting in residences in India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia as well as travels to other parts of the region. Over the last 40 years Adrienna has witnessed tremendous development and change, yet it cannot continue at the same pace, at the same rate of consumption nor the same level of growth.

Adrienna has a BA(Asian Studies & Politics) from the University of Western Australia and has studied International and Asian food law from Michigan State University.

Whether you become a regular visitor or are just passing through, remember we are all in this together. How you choose to participate is up to you.

Our Story


It seems easier explaining our humble beginnings in a short movie. If you want to know more about the Circular Economy or our work across Asia, visit our Resources page or feel free to contact us anytime, we love to share information about our projects and programs